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Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Ok so do you not think that NN is where we are all heading in life?
I don't use it that way. I think any categorical statement of that sort caters to our desire for quick easy answers and denies a holistic view of the chart.

The chart itself, taken as a whole, tells us where we are going, not some one particular piece of it. On what or whose authority is such a sweeping claim made? And why do we have to "end up somewhere"?

Recall...the horoscope, the chart, is a map. A map not only of the heavens, but also of our lives. It's all one. Follow the map, created exclusively for you. It will take you to your destination, or "where you end up".

Maps can tell you where you are, and where you must go. If the 4th house is "the final outcome", as well as "home" and the "tomb", I don't see why that is not "where I end up". For example.

Or for that matter Saturn could be taken to show "where we end up". It is the planet of "endings", it imposes "limitations", which dictate where we cannot go, and depicts our "ambition", which determines where we do go and may end up. Just saying....

Or take another viewpoint. A part of the chart says "disastrous marriage"; another says "time in prison", while a third points to "residence in a foreign land" and another indicates "aberrant sexuality". All of these together, developing in their own way and time, meet at the end to portray "where we end up".

Long and short...we end up where we've really always been...the logical outcome of what we are.

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