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Re: Solar Return - Interpretation? Presentation?

Abu Ma’shar (d. 886 CE) was one of the most prolific and influential
early Medieval astrologers who wrote in Arabic
living in Baghdad in the middle of the 9th century.
He wrote one of the most famous and comprehensive works on solar returns
titled On the Revolutions of the Years of Nativities.
Portions of this book were translated from Arabic into Latin
in the 12th century, which then influenced many subsequent generations
of astrologers in the west.
In 2010 Ben translated the Latin version of Abu Ma’shar’s book on solar returns
and published it as Persian Nativities III.
Now he has gone back and translated the entirety of the original Arabic text
which not only contains a lot of material that was missing in the Latin version
but the meaning of the text is much richer and more nuanced
because the translation is from the original language.
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