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Re: Which astrology sign should I really use?


The astrological chart, and astrology itself, is a man-made representation of reality, not reality itself.

The constellations are also man-made constructs and have no reality of themselves. So to claim that "reality" demands that we include Ophiucus as a sign only displays our lack of understanding.

There are 360 degrees in a circle because there are 365 days in a year. 360 is a handy number; 365 is not.

Planets do not make us angry or sad, rich or poor. They do not influence us in the astrological sense. "Influence" is a linguistic convenience.

To say that "Aries does not fit me," again shows lack of understanding, rooted in lack of experience.

Long years of experience show that astrology accurately depicts whatever came into being at the moment for which the chart was erected; it doesn't just work some of the time, but consistently.

So I propose to you that your Aries not fitting is due to lack of understanding (of astrology and of human nature) more than to any deficiency in astrology.

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