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Re: Moon in Capricorn--Grrrr.... :(

Originally Posted by moorz View Post

You're projecting and deflecting responsibility once you got called out.

One thing this thread and responses have shown me though, is how sensitive cap moons tend to be. (internally)
Nope. I stated an opinion, you can of course tell me where exactly I'm attacking the OP in "petty manner", instead of telling them that just because s/he seems flaws in us doesn't make them flawless, thus I advised to look into the mirror too. I take responsibility of stating an opinion, but not attacking the OP in petty manner, as attack was not intended. You might want to clarify your own motives tho.

We may also continue the conversation through PM as I feel this thread is getting sidetracked from the OP's wish to keep it to the topic.
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