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Originally Posted by love-thinking View Post
There is this guy I know he has mercury retrograde in capricorn conjunct jupiter(debilitated), and neptune all in cap. I made his personality. I teach him something, and he'll flaunt it and incorporate it into his own personality and knowledge and when I ask what else did you learn about it, absolutely nothing. He has no sense of logic, doesn't want to learn new things or broaden his horizon in what I call 'original' ways. He likes wishy washy talk, cheesiness is like a delight to his ears and he thinks it's pure wisdom and I have taught him how to study, practice for one of his college entrance tests and more. He's so bad socially that he has zero friends. The level of stupidity made me originally think the had to be very manipulative and cunning to play victim to this level but the truth is he's a simpleton. His face exhibits sadness and will bring a sense of empathy from whoever sees it. He thinks negatively of everyone he meets, is suspicious toward them and eventually loses them. He can get along with teenagers at best, and continuously gets taken advantage by much older women whom he seeks a mommy figure in most of his life. And he's ungrateful, not because he's doing it on purpose but because he can't understand the value of what you provide or give him or how amazing his life would be if he were to treat others accordingly to what they deserve. He can't understand people nor emotions. And he continuously rubs people off the wrong way, and pisses off his external environment. However, you just want to protect him lol.

I wish we lived in a world where everyone was equally rich, beautiful and intelligent. But we don't lol. Your cousin sounds like a handful but she isn't the only person that exhibits traits such as these. Thanks for your input.
I think it's the Neptune-Mercury conjunction and probably Jupiter makes it worse by magnifying what Neptune already does to his poor Mercury.

Mercury-Neptune in hard aspect is so problemantic. It creeps me out how they do exactly what you said, incorporating whatever is said in their environment, even if they don't flaunt it they kind of treat it like it was something they always thought/believed etc.

I don't care if someone isn't curious to learn about a variety of things, isn't a good student etc. I consider that mechanical intelligent. Someone like them can acquire that kind of intelligent because of their ability to absorb whatever they hear. I know a lot of people like that, but that doesn't make someone intelligent for me, it's their logic, their ability to use their brain.
You know what I mean?

Your comment made me realise how Neptune-Mercury people have the same things going on (I don't remember if I already mentioned it but I know a lot of Mercury in Pisces and Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune). So because my cousin has the same traits but no Mercury-Neptune aspects in her chart, I checked her chart again just to see if I failed to remember any of her Sag Mercury aspects. It turns out that her Mercury is in her 12th H!

An example of an aunt of mine is when she ate with as with her one leg on the chair. My grandma was like "why do you have your leg like that?" she answered "I was always eating like that" all the family in the table (her parents have been with her her whole life) told her that she never ate like that. I then said "I'm sure someone does it, probably her boyfriend so she does it too" and then her sister told me "indeed it's her boyfriend, I've seen him eating like that".

Now that is not something huge, it can happen to anyone but the fact that she does that with everything (she will change everything according to her environment) and she thinks she was always like that. She isn't even aware of how she was and her memory ***** big time.

What creeps me out is the fact that they have nothing theirs. Whatever opinion/idea/belief I hear from them I know it's someone's else.
They do like cheezy talk too. You can persuade them do whatever you want them by giving them compliments even if it's obvious to the whole world that they are fake it will work with them.
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