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Originally Posted by love-thinking View Post
What's an indicator of low intelligence in a birth chart?
Mercury in Aries/Pisces/Leo
Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune

Mercury-Saturn can make someone really slow but not having low intelligence per se.
The native can literally speak slowly for example.

I have a difficult time deciding about Mercury in Sag because I've seen both intelligent and the complete opposite of intelligent people with it. The intelligent ones had lots of other aspects to their Mercury while the not intelligent ones had their Mercury almost unaspected or just a few sextiles and stuff like that. (I'm talking about Sag Mercury).
I have 2 cousins with Sag Mercury and all people comment on how low intelligent they are. I mean it's very obvious.
However with my cousin it's beyond creepy.
It's like she has an empty head which is filled and replaus whatever she listens and sees from others. I find this the most creepy thing and it's also very common with Neptunian Mercuries. It comes to a point that they would drive me crazy because they forget and get confused about whatever they've said in the past.. I've come to a piint that I would record them in order to prove it to them and to save my sanity. They don't have the slightest idea but their environment seems to realise it.

With my cousin though I don't see her having friends. No one wants her and everyone calls her stupid. It makes me sad and I've been talking to her for years but honestly I knew it was completely pointless since the beginning because she's actually a repeater. I don't know how to explain it otherwise, but it's like her brain doesn't work in a sense.
Also she lies a lot for no reason. The lies she tells are lies that wouldn't do her any favor. It's very weird actually.

Her parents and her brother are normal people on the most than average intelligence side.
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