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Re: what's an indicator of low intelligence in a chart?

Originally Posted by Gemini888 View Post
Define low intelligence.

Forgive me if I sound offended, but as someone who has had to live with the "low intelligence" label for years, there is no such thing as stupidity, only different kind of intelligence. That said, I seem to notice that the people who are labeled "low intelligence" take more time to think, which isn't always a bad thing. Thinking slowly means more refined thought.

I can think of a couple of placements for that:

  • Mercury retrograde
  • Mercury square Saturn
  • Mercury in signs like Taurus or Capricorn
  • Mercury forming an aspect to Neptune (causing seemingly spacy thought. In my case Neptune quintile Mercury)
I have my chart here for reference.
I am not sure that I agree with the placements you have used as examples above.

In my experience,Mercury retro does not usually signify low intelligence.
I think it often indicates someone who thinks in a different way than the 'norm' and may look at things very deeply.

My husband has Merc Retro in Aries in the 12th. He is an award winning writer and travels around the world speaking and teaching about writing and literature and film and TV.

Prince had Merc retro. He had a very high IQ. Same with Buckminster Fuller, the famous inventor, who created the geodesic dome.

Mercury in Taurus:

As a mom, I have to stand up for my 2 kids, both with Merc in Taurus. Neither have low intelligence. They were both in the gifted program in school.

My son reads one or two novels a week and has for many years. My daughter is a writer like her father and has been very successful.

So I disagree that Mercury in Taurus signifies a low IQ. It can signify someone who processes data slower than the average bear. But if someone is an Aries or Gemini with their Merc in Taurus, they are not going to be slow witted, necessarily.

Mercury in Taurus can be stubborn and resistant to change, but not necessarily dumb.

Mercury in Taurus natives: Emma Watson, Sigmund freud, George Clooney, Bono, Gigi Hadid

Mercury square Saturn:

Some very intelligent natives have Merc/Saturn squares. Saturn can hone ones perceptions and thoughts and stir ambition and accomplishments.

Hilary Clinton----Salvador Dali---Sir Isaac Newton---Woody Allen---Johnny Depp---Maya Angelou---Warren Buffett....

These^^^ are not stupid, low IQ people...

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