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Re: what's an indicator of low intelligence in a chart?

Originally Posted by Gemini888 View Post
Define low intelligence.

Forgive me if I sound offended, but as someone who has had to live with the "low intelligence" label for years, there is no such thing as stupidity, only different kind of intelligence. That said, I seem to notice that the people who are labeled "low intelligence" take more time to think, which isn't always a bad thing. Thinking slowly means more refined thought.

I can think of a couple of placements for that:

  • Mercury retrograde
  • Mercury square Saturn
  • Mercury in signs like Taurus or Capricorn
  • Mercury forming an aspect to Neptune (causing seemingly spacy thought. In my case Neptune quintile Mercury)
I have my chart here for reference.
Your mercury is in gemini? I'm talking about lower iq. Which in my humble opinion and knowledge is being able to reason properly, think abstractly, connect the dots, and a decent memory.

Quintiles don't count. You're not dumb. Neptune can create spaciness but can also cause someone to think abstractly. But Yes I do think it might create a little slowness.
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