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Re: Will I find a flat that makes me happy?

Originally Posted by Sandrasan View Post
Surprisingly, I need to move out in the next months, because it doesn't work out with my landlord (a friend of mine) and me... (we want to stay on good terms)
The 4th house is conjunct my ascendant by 2 degrees (4 cappy)
I loved this flat very much, it is very central and for the most part it was a construction site, now it's slowly becoming lovely, and though I am excited to live alone again, I am still kind of sad and a bit angry... I also just got a nice high profile job where I earn a bit more two weeks ago. But due to flatsharing it is a really good deal and my room has such a beautiful floor etc, it is quite upsetting in a way. Especially because soon the renovation will be finished.
I, Venus am square Saturn, applying, so I guess the flat I will find will not be ideal? Moon is in a later degree, ascendant is early. Venus is btw conjunct my natal Saturn, exact.
Thanks for any insight.
Interesting chart, yes Early ASC suggests more things will develop as outcome can change.

Venus in fall does aspect Mars rx, the 7th lord of relocation. So I think this might be the move. Moon also translates between the two. With Mars rx, Moon square Saturn, I believe there might be several moves before you will find one you are happy with. Or it can also mean going back to previous location.

please update!
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