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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
With a splash type of chart,I think you need a career that offers you a lot of variety-- either that or plan to have multiple career changes during your life. The downside might be difficulty in focusing and staying consistently with one thing. The positive is that you can relate to many types of people and situations.

With sun quintile Saturn and Pluto, however, you are naturally very ambitious, so please don't scatter your energies through an unwillingness to focus.

With Mars conjunct your midheaven, you might consider a job that involves international travel and trouble-shooting.

You do have three interesting chart patterns: a grand square (grand cross,) kite, and Thor's Hammer. The Thor's Hammer apex planet is Mars, so you will feel a lot of pressure to express it.
I do have abundant energy, i thought had a lot to do mars-jup. This brings out aggression do you think? If mars isnít expressed. Thanks a lot for bringing up the thors hammer - atm I am confused by the moon trine sun which looks like it is involved there. A Thor hammer makes up of two sesquiquadrates and a square right?

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