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Re: I want to look at some saturn return charts.

Originally Posted by l1lp View Post
Hello Crysalis!
Would be amazing if you would look at my Saturn Return chart. Even tho its supposedly over I don't really feel it is, would love to hear your interpretation!
Saturn in your 10th house conjunct mars/uranus and saturn ruling your 11th/12th houses, and the ruler of saturn being jupiter in your 2nd, then this saturn rx your still experiencing looks to be to do with the 2nd/10th/11th/12th houses.

Saturn being closely conjunct uranus would have made this transit quite uranian, so something quite unexpected and something that would have brought some kind of reversal to your career or public persona, this would have had an impact on your financial situation too, with 10th ruler in your 2nd house.

Regarding 11th/12th this could be that your friendships you'd be prior to your saturn return has taken a nose dive in the opposite direction, you've maybe let go of certain friendships, or they've left you, and you've found that you've ended up becoming someone who spends more time alone now.

Ha ha these are harder than what i originally thought, does any of this up to now make any sense ?
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