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Re: Equal houses MC importance?,_Hermann,_Alfons

I personally use whole sign houses. I is ASC and X is MC. But I also use the so called ''equal house MC'' or also known as the nonagesimal MC as additional consideration. (Also Aldebaran 15).

And if Mercury and Mars predominate action, they indicate physicians, surgeons, sculptors, commanders, tacticians, wrestlers, but also criminals, adulterers, wrongdoers and forgers, especially when they are without the testimony of good stars.
If Saturn testifies - murderers, criminals, terrorists.
If Jupiter testifies - energetic, clever and successful people. (these are modified delineations by Ptolemy)

Example: Hour-Marker at 26 Libra, Jupiter retreating at 24 Libra, Mercury at 16 Aries, Saturn at 18 Aries, Sun at 10 Taurus, Moon at 21 Gemini, Venus at 24 Gemini, Mars at 27 Cancer. Lot is with Sagittarius, preceding New Moon with Taurus.

A surgeon is indicated by Mars predominating action at the MC ruling Mercury and Saturn and forming a tetragon figure with the stars in Aries and Libra. And stars that are inoperative rarely indicate the occupation.

Mars is inoperative by quadrant houses, but angular and at the nonagesimal degree or just next to it. In the chart of Hermann Kummell, Mercury is also inoperative by quadrant and equal houses, while it is angular in whole sign houses.

Example: Hour-Marker at 21 Aquarius, Mercury at 13 Taurus, Sun at 4 Gemini, Moon at 10 Gemini, Venus at 4 Cancer, Saturn at 6 Leo, Mars retreating at 7 Scorpio, Jupiter retreating at 19 Capricorn. Lot is with Aquarius, preceding New Moon with Gemini.

Mars is angular in X in its domicile and bound. Mercury is also angular in the IV in its bound. Quadrants and equal houses puts them declining.

Both charts have benefics with testimony, so their vocation was noble.

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