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Re: Yes/No is your appearance similar to your chart?

Originally Posted by aniani View Post
I am a scorpio ascendant with Saturn in first house in Western too. (Libra asc in Vedic) I think I do have an intimidating/unapproachable look when I am not smiling. However, like you, I think I'm the mediator or neutral to the people around me dramas. I have the same nose as you haha.
Did you had a difficult childhood growing up? Was one of your parent not in the picture or your relationship with them was not good? For me it was my dad. It is funny you mentioned about the smiling part. When I don't smile people think I look really serious and is upset, and ask me if I am alright. The thing is, I am usually smiling! What is your body frame like? I read that Saturn is supposed to make you tall and skinny. For me, I am taller than everyone in my family. I am 5'7, but I am on the curvy side and gain weight easily. My fat are evenly distributed and I have curves. I have to watch what I eat (this is hard for me), and work out like crazy to not continue to gain weight. This is a constant struggle for me because I love good food and fine dining.
I have to ask are you conscious about your appearance? I believe Saturn in the 1st house could cause you to be so.
"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art." -Eleanor Roosevelt

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