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Re: Are out of sign aspects valid?

"I have also wondered this. By sign I should have Mars Square Sun and, to a point, the cookbook definition does describe the aspect. But by degree I simply do not. My sun sits at 4 degrees Cancer while my Mars at 18 degrees Aries. "

It is much more intense and critical when an aspect is within a tight orb by degrees. THe reason is that it is then triggered at the same time by transits and synastry.

If your Sun is at an 90 degree angle, making a square numerically, and not just by sign, then other planets in transit will hit them simultaneously. And people with Venus on your Sun will have it square your Mars, simultaneously. It packs a bigger wallop when it is in a tight orb.

There is a bit of an effect, having a 'square' by sign. But it is not nearly as impactful, in my opinion.
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