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Re: Are out of sign aspects valid?

Originally Posted by pharvey0829 View Post
What is your opinion on out of sign aspects. For example, let's say you have the sun at 29 degrees Aries and let's say you have Mars at 1 degree Leo. They form a square aspect but the signs they are in trine each other. So would this be a valid square?

I am of the opinion that aspects by sign take precedence while out of sign aspects are secondary in nature. I believe that this configuration would have some features of a trine and some features of a square, but the trinal features would predominate.

Charles Carter said that dissonances would get less problematic, and harmonies less harmonic. And that while zodiac assonance has relative importance in confront with aspects and planets, it cannot be eluded without going to the wrong conclusions.
I find this to have its meaning. When I was seeing nativities corrispondence with the actual life, people who had the sesquisquare in signs of the same element: the matter was quite slight, for this sesquisquare was largely harmonized.
Most peculiar example: I had known a girl with Mars-Jupiter trine (Mars-Capricorn and Jupiter-Aries): almost it was actually a square. A general conceit (which if you are watching the nativity, you would not detect by any part except this aspect). And an habit of quick oscillation between weight gain and weight loss. Most of all, the aspect seemed to have taken shape with her boyfriend: prone to huge money waste, indulgence in drink and sigarettes and pleasure, ... They consume stuff like clothes, money, musical instruments... most of the times, just for the sake of it. My consideration: treat them as 'in-between' aspects, as just Carter said. For you will get actual evidence of this by observing (instead of just plunging endlessly in theory).

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