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Re: Are out of sign aspects valid?

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
I think they are still valid and here is why. I have Neptune in late Libra and the Sun @ zero Scorpio. So that is an out of sign conjunction. Does it still work?

I say yes, because no matter what sign they are in, the geometric patterns they make create aspects to other planets.

And when Saturn went over those two planets, I felt it simultaneously, no matter which sign was involved at the time.

In other words, I think it has more to do with mathematics, geometric patterns and numbers than it does signs,
Thank you for your response. I know that conjunctions depend on the energy of the two planets involved. Conjunctions involving Neptune tend to blur lines and dissolve boundaries. For your case, it may be a matter of where does Neptune in Libra end and the sun in Scorpio begin? I would be interested in seeing if two divisive planets involved in that type of conjunction would behave more like two planets in aversion to each other. For example, let's say someone has Saturn at 29 degrees Libra and Mars at 1 degree Scorpio. I would say due to the nature of both Mars and Saturn and the two radically different energies of the signs involved, they would behave more like two planets in aversion rather than a conjunction.
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