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Re: The Moon in Dignity and Debility

Well, I suppose that Bunraku and me could agree that the heart, the soul and the mind are a single thing we could call Kokoro

I understand what the key is, but I feel like we need to shift the paradigm.

What does the soul do but feel? The Moon shines down upon us when we sleep. Just like our subconscious mind, the soul won't leave the body even when it sleeps.

Bear with me, I have learned so many languages and now I can't speak any of them properly, but I'll try to express myself as well as possible.

I agree that the traits of the Scorpio Moon are the worst, and we need an opposition to make balance to it, but, I just can't help but count the Moon as the soul, and I am just not happy with counting a Taurus soul as exalted, when I don't see that it has much in common with the divine. Then again, it's about the value system.

And also, I am not saying that the myth made them decide they should count Taurus Moon exalted, obviously, the holy mother cow myth is not Western in origin, but I wanted to say that the impression that I get is that that's what it comes to, that the situation reminds me of the holy cow myth. When we get to the bottom of it, staying relaxed whatever happens comes from their need to find peace in concrete fruits of the world, and I believe that the exalted soul vibrates on a level much higher than that. Not giving a flying **** unless it jeopardizes my food and all other thing that the 2nd house stands for, avoiding connection to the people, the abstract, how is that exalted, come on?

I see a similar type of cruelty in Virgo and Scorpio Moons.

My Moon is in Pisces. I suggest you agree that the Buddha and I have much more in common than a Moon sign that just stares back at you when you try to talk to them about abstract terms, and goes: God? Can you eat that? I hope you get my point... I am not about harsh generalizations, and I didn't mean to offend anyone! I just wanted to know what other people think about this I have only found 1 other person counting Pisces Moon as the exalted so far
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