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Re: Relocation Natal Effects

Originally Posted by PD187540 View Post

It's now 4 months until I graduate from my paralegal program here in San Francisco, and the anxiety is mounting.

I'm having ENORMOUS difficulty trying to get an unpaid internship (yes, UNPAID) for the summer. I'm happy to work 15 hours a week for free since I'll be getting some valuable experience, but it's just way too difficult to get one.

An internship that I was supposed to do backed out on me at the last minute, saying that they were "full." Meanwhile, I applied well in advance, so there was absolutely no reason for this law firm to deny me at all. AND the director of my program ranted and raved about me, saying that I was her top student, etc. etc. The law firm also responded back, expressing high interest in me. Then a week later after I applied, DEAD. I sent them a very scathing e-mail reprimanding them for their irrational and illogical behavior.

Then, my intellectual property professor suggested that I take the patent bar exam to "be more marketable." Yeah, want me to pay $2700 to take a test just so that I can get an UNPAID internship? Are you out of your mind?!?!

So due to all these very weird external circumstances that are trying to hold me down and suppress my career advancement, I will not be doing a summer internship. Fortunately, I can just take 3 regular courses and graduate from the program in August. I'm going to do just that, because running around in circles over this internship is useless.

I'm beginning to sense a dire trend here. Los Angeles 2010 and Philadelphia 2012....I dropped out of both college programs in those cities due to circumstances beyond my control that escalated to unreasonable lengths. I really hope that San Francisco 2014 does not happen! Third time's a charm, right? Wrong!

My plan is to finish this d*mn program in August and then apply for jobs. IF I DO NOT GET A JOB BY OCTOBER 1st, I AM GOING TO TAKE A HUMAN LIFE. This is the deadline I've set for myself. Things like this just cannot keep happening without someone or a mass group of people paying the price. Seriously.

The San Francisco Bay Area better provide me with a job by October 1st, or I will seriously consider murdering people. It's either murder a bunch of worthless human beings, or move back to NY and just stay at home without working for the rest of my life. And Julian Lee? OH BOY....that relocation charlatan will certainly get his, too, if none of this pans out. If it does work out, then I'll send Julian $100 as a bonus. If not, then he's getting sued, plain and simple, if I'm not refunded.

I wonder if my Saturn/Pluto conjunction at the Midheaven indicates extreme difficulty in trying to advance in career, perhaps even getting a job to begin with. It's the only justification for all these setbacks in my life. Could a conjunction like that at the Midheaven cause someone to just not work for the rest of his or her life??

It's just a waiting game now, folks. That's all it is.
Any news with this? Do you at least feel happier in SF than in NY (despite the work problems)? The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the AC can be very exciting but it's not stable. It would bring a lot of changes and turbulence. But at least it's not a depressive aspect, like Saturn. I'd say it's good that you left the Saturn MC influence. It might take some time but try to be patient (hard with Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus angular!)
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