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Re: Relocation Natal Effects

Originally Posted by PD187540 View Post
Alright, so I need to give all of you an update on a pretty major San Francisco event that I encountered earlier this week. Through an online dating website, I came across a particularly interesting individual who happens to be a top-level CIA agent (which wasn't revealed at all in his/her dating profile). This person REALLY took a liking to me, almost immediately (romantically and professionally). I have a feeling that he/she might just offer me a government position at some point. Very exciting news, if I don't say so myself! (and really random)

Now, looking back on my relocational astrologer's reading and relocated natal chart, I think this really makes sense. It's amazing how certain events just fall into place, then you look back on what's been predicted or said, and it's like "WOW!". Definitely eye-opening!

Besides reflecting on my previous reading, I also happened to take a look at the event chart for the formation of the CIA. I found some pretty astounding correlations to my natal and relocated natal chart for San Francisco. The chart for the CIA can be viewed here:

I'll just list the correlations I discovered and how they apply to me:

1) The date of the CIA's inception: July 26, 1947. The month and day are critical. July 26th is a very karmic birthday to mine (Sept. 24th). That's a known fact, and I have personal experiences that I encountered with others having that birthday. It was a soul-shaking feeling, which can either be extremely good or extremely bad depending on how I relate to that karmic energy.

2) The birthpath/lifepath number for the CIA is 9. That's a match to my life path as well.

3) CIA's Leo Sun sextiles my Libra Sun. The Cancer MC is conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint.

4) CIA's dominants...Mercury, Venus, Sun. Houses are 10,9,2. I've got those 3 planets in the 9th/10th houses of my SF chart. Law and government are really emphasized here. That's my gut instinct. Mercury is conjunct the MC in the CIA chart just like in my relocated natal. CIA also has a Saturn/Pluto conjunction like I do in my natal chart.

Another critical item: CIA's 9th House Mars in Gemini. Mars is in my 9th House in the SF chart, and CIA's Mars is conjunct my North Node.

5) Other dominants: water,air. In the tarot, I am a Queen of Swords personality card (which is "water of air"). CIA's Chinese astrology is fire pig...I'm a water pig.

Another thing about this CIA agent whom I know....the person is a Gemini Sun. That's conjunct my North Node, while my Moon is conjunct the agent's North Node. The agent's Moon is conjunct my Moon, and his/her Venus is conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint.

Overall, I think those are great astrological significators for an excellent relationship, personally and/or professionally. I would love to see what's going to happen down the road.

My plan is to still pursue this paralegal program, but if I'm being called to work for this agency, then I'll do it. If I'm not offered an opportunity within a couple of months, then I'll just focus my efforts on getting a legal services job in the government sector after I graduate.

Interesting, isn't it?
Yes it's interesting, although I would have serious doubts about anyone who advertises they're a CIA agent (isn't this supposed to be secret?!)

What I'm really interested in is your impressions of living in SF especially in relation to the previous location and how long it takes for different effects to manifest. It would be especially interesting to see if these effects are influenced by transits.

By the way, I was born on July 26th!
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