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Re: How to Recognize Physical Beauty

Hey, thanks for this kind of information that i have searched for long time...

My chart ruler is Moon and it doesnt have aspect with Venus Also my Venus has really bad aspects.But it has located perfect place that conjunct with my MC, Part of Fortune and aphrodite in Pieces...

Venus square Saturn 6th house sagittarius
Venus square Uranus 6th house sagittarius
Venus square Mars 6th house sagittarius

...Firstly i wanna say that i feel my self mostly ugly.Finding my faults is my best hobby ever.In order to feel beautiful i can do everything (Saturn Effect).Uranus square Venus gives a person to tend to plastic Surgery,doesnt it?But i have got no idea Mars square Venus.

But according to midpoints sun/asc/venus combination gives me beauty little bit.

Am i ugly?Should i be?How can you comment about this kind of aspects?
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