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How to Recognize Physical Beauty

How To Recognize Physical Beauty

True beauty will be exemplified by Venusian aspects to either the ascendant or to the ruler of the chart. This means that Venus will form a Ptolemaic aspect, each one's quality related to the degree of beautification. This includes squares and oppositions. Additionally, Venus in the sign of the ascendant, especially in the first house, will beautify. The terms of the ascendant also tend to enhance physical beauty. The signs related to these points in the chart, however, tend to not have such a pronounced effect on whether one is beautiful but tend to show mere physical expression of personality, that is, charming, aggressive, reserved, et cetera. Nonetheless, they will assist the physical beautification of the native, but secondarily, assisting the primary significations. And the primary significators that physically augment a native are the planets. In all, look for Venusian factors, and in their totality, they will direct you to making an accurate judgment on whether a child will be physically beautiful.

It is necessary, however, to note how effectively Venus will operate by taking into account its essential and accidental dignity. These will have a marked effect on Venus' ability to bestow its Venusian gifts upon the native. The chart of De Vito is an example of how a debilitated Venus will be almost inoperative in beautifying the native.


Pamela Anderson – Sextile

Although the chart does not acknowledge the aspect, you can see that Anderson's Venus is making a tight sextile to her ascendant, which is within 1. The sextile is, in my opinion, the most powerful aspect for delivering physical beauty to the native.

Jennifer Aniston – Opposition & Libra Rising

Aniston's time is from memory, but I believe she was born earlier than the time given. A difference of minutes would put Venus in opposition to her ascendant. She also has Venus as the ruler of her chart, which heightens the probability of being physically beautiful.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Trine

Here, she has Venus forming a trine to the ruler of her chart, which is Jupiter.

Angelina Jolie – Conjunction

Jolie has the luck of having Venus in a partile conjunction to her ascendant.

Elizabeth Taylor – Double Trine

Taylor has a trine to her ruling planet as well as to her ascendant, which is why she is regarded as one of the most beautiful women ever to have graced the silver screen.

That State of Not Beautiful

Here are some examples of when Venus is not influencing the ascendant or the chart ruler

Rosie O'donnell

Here, you can see that a Venusian conjunction to the Sun does nothing to provide the native with physical beauty. It may make the person socially appealing, but that is as far is it goes.

Sandra Bernhard

Here is another example of neither the ascendant nor the chart ruler being configured with Venus. Although not made hideous, the native is denied physical beautification.

Gerard Depardieu

And so as to not just pick on the women, you see that Gerard's Venus is hurt by being cadent and with a very strong affliction from Saturn.

Exception to the rule – No

Danny Devito

Although not hideous, especially in his youth, De Vito is not known for his good looks. Here you have what seems to be the exception to the rule. Venus is in the first house and conjunct the ascendant. Furthermore, it is making a square to the chart ruler. Venus is in sect and angular. But it is forming an opposition with Saturn, the worst aspect one can have with Saturn. Furthermore, Saturn is in its detriment, so it will have an especially pernicious effect on Venus, so much so that it nearly restricts all of its gift giving abilities, especially the ability to beautify. This is why other factors will have to be taken into account before a judgment can be made.
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