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Re: Astrology of Surgeons

Originally Posted by Caro View Post
You can also break down into specialities.
for instance Im sure I read that a dominant cancer emphasis can suggest a gynaecologist. (Parker astrology) Id need to check out the reference.
Thanks, Caro, I'll talk about their specialities. I haven't read in-depth medical astrology and I know only partly about what sign rules what but that's something I want to learn.

So here it goes!

The first chart belongs to a very good general surgeon, teacher, head of hospital. Unfortunately he died.
(General surgery meaning mostly abdominal surgery, liver for example - and he died of a liver disease).
I noticed the close conjunction Mars-Pluto in Virgo, the apex of a kite (if we consider Chiron).
He was a very impressive presence (some people feared him!),was a very good story-teller, had read a lot of literature and was very good of telling jokes.
His above-average knowing of books made me think of that Venus in Gemini, the joke telling of all the placements in Leo and the story-telling maybe it had to do with his Sun/Mercury in Cancer.
His Mercury (fingers) has very good aspects with Mars/Pluto!

I posted Chiron aspects because I've seen they're important many times.

Also Lilith seems to be in the middle of things in many charts and that is something I don't always see. I've read about how between the corrected and uncorrected Lilith there's some sort of canal that changes the expression of the planets caught in-between or challenges it somehow. I didn't put all the Liliths as it would make the chart harder to read. But for example in all of my friends' charts only one has really close Lilith conjunction (so it might appear relevant at a point).
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