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Re: Sidereal vs tropical

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What exactly is the difference between a degree for a year, and a day for a year, and how can they yield different results?

No, the Sun is still at 24 degrees Libra, but only according to the tropical zodiac. That's wrong according to another system, but only because you're comparing to another system that does things differently. You won't find the Sun at 24 degrees Libra if you're using sidereal, because that's not where it is in sidereal.
This is on topic. The tropical zodiac is based on an idea that the sun orbits the earth, and although that is what most people thought two thousand plus years ago - it is not actually true - therefore the tropical zodiac is a mathematical abstraction. Here's a more detailed visual explanation from youtube entitled "Earth's motion around the sun is not as simple as I thought"
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