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Re: Sidereal vs tropical

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Isn't precession the reason why the two zodiacs are off? What i was trying to do was argue with JUPITERASC's comment that the tropical zodiac can't accurately state the position of the Sun because there are more days in a year than there are degrees. But in order for that to be true, i think the Sun would have to move exactly one degree per day, and it doesn't.
Nevertheless, the Earth orbits the Sun every 365.25363 days and there are only 360 in any circle so day for a year progressions are not based on the actual time Earth orbits the Sun

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Plus it just doesn't really make sense to me... If an ephemeris says the Sun is at 24 degrees and 38 seconds Libra, then that's exactly where it is. How could it be anywhere else?
How? Although the Sun is apparently at 24 degrees and 38 seconds Libra Tropically - that's not based on reality. The Tropical Zodiac is a mathematical abstraction and simply symbolic because Sidereally in fact the Sun would be somewhere between 28 degrees Virgo and only a few minutes into Libra, depending on which ayanamsa one uses
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Numbers are soooo not my strong suit, just warning you. But i just generated a random chart with a birth month and year of August 1800, and then progressed it to the year 2160, 360 years later. The Sun is 5 degrees behind where it was in 1800. In August 2165, it's about 15 minutes behind. In November 2165 (approximately a quarter of a year later), it's one minute ahead. So 365 years later, it's almost at where it was in 1800. If anything, 5 degrees vanished, not 5 years, and those degrees turned back up once I added 5 years on.

Do i have this right, or did i do something wrong?
I would not classify myself as an expert kennedyrosewhith!

I can say however, that for the symbolic direction of "a degree for a year" then five degrees would equal five years

- however what I wrote was "symbolic directions of a day for a year"
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