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Well I can relate to that one Elianah - fear of owning one's power . Might be more common than one thinks. Pluto in my 10th transiting my Saturn in Sag conjunt the MC (Napoleonic/Hitler position) and transiting my Sun at 19 Sag in 10 has definately brought these issues to the surface. In 1995 I lost my job because i let my ego do the driving. I spent the next several years going from one humbling experience to another until I finally realized that power was not the annadote to feeling powerless and that true power could only come from within.

My 30th high school reunion was a couple of weeks ago. I didn't go. I only went a couple of years to the school as I dropped out when we moved away and decided to fend or myself at 16. I still felt that need for acceptance - the frustration of the group never really knowing me or thinking they knew someone else that was not me. I saw some pictures from the event on the boards and my reaction was - Boy are those people OLD..and who are they..I didn't recognize one person. I realized that my time in that environment represented 2-4% of my lifespan..certainly not worth a whole lot in defining myself. The fact that I became pretty successful in the business world was certainly something I wanted to flaunt - pictues of my 3,500 sq ft house, all my media and entertainment toys, beautiful wife and petty was that?

My last 2 years I have been in counseling dealing with OCD issues related to tying to heal my family of origin trauma. All of this came to the surface in a public way, as you stated in another post, and affected my marriage (Sun rules 7th) (Saturn rules 12th) forcing us to relate on a level of honesty, integrety and trust that we had never fully realized.
I am hoping my Chiron return will help this effort continue to evolve.

Anyway, back to the power issue - One must ask oneself: Am I doing this in service to self or service to others? That will keep your moral compass steering you in the right direction and letting go of the clamps you've put on allowing your power to flow through.
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