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Eyeball Deep In Pluto

What a great first post Amazon1963, plus now your name makes sense too! Oh this Pluto business is really somethin' isn't it everybody? I sense the best is coming soon too.

For me transiting Pluto entered my 10th (14 Sag 40') at the end of Jan. 2001. Mercury is there at 17 Sag rx, so my Mercury has been Pluto flavored for a long while now......hope it doesn't show too much.

To go into accurate and honest full detail about what all I've experienced over the past few years would fill a book, a weird book, so I'll cut to the chase as the saying goes - but leave out the really scary negative etheric plane stuff.

Also during this time transiting Saturn (Capricorn Sun) was plowing very deep furrows through Cancer which made this whole thing like a Hollywood horror movie for me personally. I swear we should have a thread just for the deep drama of transiting Saturn through Cancer!!! This past one was just as horrible and otherworldly as the one before it in 1974-75 for me which I've even considered writing a book about.

With transiting Pluto in my 10th now I've been highly aware of all the 4th house issues also. There is little that separates the energies of the 10th/4th houses and what I've been experiencing.

'Neighbors from Hell' moved into the rental next door (around 2000) and THE TESTS started in a huge and horrible way. Most of this tale is R rated plus there were strong negative paranormal energies at play too which made these 2 transits a literal life and death struggle much of the time. Staying sane became the main goal while learning how to repeatedly face my personal fears about confronting and dealing with "Authority" figures. Like the Police, Attorney's, Court House, Environmental Health Dept., Animal Control Dept. and on and on. Prior to this I'd never thought of a demon as an "Authority" figure!!! Neighbors from Hell was an understatement, it was worse actually.

Long story short, sold that House because it was blatantly obvious that we needed to be living somewhere else (Mom had owned and lived at that house for the past 31 years!) and so we sold it and moved in June 2004. Heaven........peace, safety, quiet, no demons, no gun fire, no pit bull dogs barking 24/7, no drug addicts, no alcholic's, no male hostility and attacks from both the physical and astral, no more need to deal with idiotic police who found it easier to point the finger of blame at elder females than have to deal with younger threatening drunk males with guns. You get the picture I'm sure. There was much more but......think of all that lives in the Dark places of Pluto and Saturn in Cancer and this is what it was.

BUT after having repeatedly faced my different 10th house fears, we finally got out of there, moved into a much better place for current growth and learning. Now this Plutonian/Sagittarius energy seems to have moved to a subtler level where I'm having to readjust my place in the world. My understanding of 'who I am' is being expanded again and I'm being forced to let go of different aspects of 'me' so that larger, less "Lapis" aspects can also be incorporated into my conscious self.

I think what's happened so far is that by my facing so many of my personal fears on both the external and internal worlds/realities, my sense of self is able to expand out a couple more notches. But, once again Pluto is inching its way up to a conjunction with my Sun at 1 Capricorn and then Chiron at 4 Capricorn so there's still a whole lot of transformational work coming it looks like to me. I'm excited about this but also have my moments of mild concern too. I mean this is a never-been-experienced-before transit so..... :?: AND during all this Pluto will move across the GC!
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