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Re: My longevity with horary...

Originally Posted by Jupiter1st View Post
I asked that question because I analyzed my longevity and found 42 year life-span. I may be wrong but I am concerned about my longevity. Why do you think horary doesn't reveal death prediction. Then Sun is in the 8th house, in Scorpio. It looks like the horary chart deals with death. What do you think?
Jupiter1st - There may have been a definitive answer to your question if only BobZemco were here to answer it. But just a moment, all is not lost... BobZemco DID kindly provide at least SOME advice on the subject of the astrological analysis of death, it may not be precisely what you seek but at least there is some guidance and on the basis of something is better than nothing - let's check it out for anything therein that we can use at
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Re: William Lilly's indications of a violent death.Do they work?
Originally Posted by Lost_spirit
According to some astrological books I've read,and I think Ptolemy is included,"a violent or remarkable death happens when both the malefics attack the luminaries,or one of them" etc. which I find to be inaccurate.

That's probably because Ptolemy is discussing Primary Directions, not the planetary situation in a Natal Chart. If you're researching Death (and it appears you are), then you've probably ran into comments on the Hyleg and Alcocoden.

Ptolemy doesn't use an Alcocoden. Ptolemy's theory is that what is Above Horizon is alive, what is Below Horizon is dead. When looking at the Houses Above Horizon, all of them make aspects to the Ascendant except the 12th and 8th Houses, which are inconjunct the Ascendant.

For Day Chart, where the Sun is Above Horizon, Ptolemy wants to find the Planet that has the most Dignity in the Sun, the pre-Natal New Moon, and the Ascendant. For each of those points, he is looking for a Planet that meets 3 of these 5 conditions: is the Sign Ruler, Exaltation Ruler, Sect Triplicity Ruler, Term Ruler or makes a partile or very close applying aspect to the point in question.

So, if the pre-Natal New Moon was at 6 Virgo, the Mercury is the Sign Ruler, Exaltation Ruler and Term Ruler, which is at least 3 dignities, and Mercury is a potential Hyleg candidate, assuming Mercury is in the 1st, 11th, 10th, 9th or 7th House of the chart.

If the Ascendant was at 22 Gemini, then Saturn is the Sect Triplicity Ruler and the Term Ruler, and suppose Saturn was at 21 Pisces in the 10th House in square to the Ascending Degree, so that is 3 dignities and Saturn is a potential Hyleg candidate.

It's actually very rare to find a Planet with at least 3 dignities in the Sun, Ascendant or pre-Natal New Moon.

The Houses in order of power are the 10th, 1st, 11th, 7th and 9th. He will take the best one out of the Sun, Moon and any Planet that has at least 3 dignities in either the Sun, pre-Natal New Moon or the Ascendant and determine which is the Hyleg.

If the Sun is in the 8th or 12th House, and the Moon is Below Horizon and no Planet meets the dignity conditions, then the Ascendant is automatically the Hyleg (and a Planet Combust cannot be Hyleg either).

For a Night Chart (Sun Below Horizon), Ptolemy is looking for the Planet that has at least 3 dignities in either the Moon, the pre-Natal Full Moon, or the Lot of Fortune, and again you're looking at the Sign Ruler, Exaltation Ruler, Sect Triplicity Ruler, Term Ruler or a very close applying or partile aspect to one of those 3 points.

If you can't find a Planet, and Moon is in the 8th or 12th House, then the Lot of Fortune is automatically the Hyleg.

Once he finds the Hyleg, then he directs it by Primary Direction. If the Hyleg is in the 7th or 9th House, then he directs it clock-wise to the Descendant (7th House Cusp) and the Arc of Direction (the number of degrees) is how long the Native will live.

That isn't just counting the number of degrees between the Hyleg and the 7th House Cusp, rather you're looking at Temporal Hours to arrive at the 7th House Cusp.

If it's 68, then the Native lives 68 years. That's modified by the rays of the Benefics and Malefics who come to the Descendant by aspect through Primary Direction. The Benefics add years, the Malefics take away years.

Saturn and Mars (unless one of them happens to be Hyleg) you direct clockwise to the first square, opposition or conjunction of the Descendant, the Benefics (Venus and Jupiter unless one of them is the actually the Hyleg) you direct clock-wise to the first conjunciton, sextile or trine to the Descendant. Again, you're using Temporal Hours not actual degrees, and you add or subtract their Arcs of Direction to the Hyleg's Arc of Direction and that will tell you when the Native dies (and it will be dead on or less than 30 days -- usually within 4 days).

If the Hyleg is not in the 7th or 9th House, you direct it counter clock-wise, and here's where it can be attack by the rays of the Malefics or you can also direct the Malefics to the Hyleg.

The other times, and this is general and not very specific as the Hyleg, is when the Sign Ruler in a Profectional Chart is in very bad condition and in the Solar Return Chart the same Planet is Cadent, or worse yet in the 12th House, and then totally savaged by Mars and Saturn or Combust or where the Sun is Malefic (in square or opposition and not received by the Planet Sun is squaring or opposing), and then Mercury in square or opposition and not received is Malefic as well. That's an indicator of death, but it won't give the the time like Primary Directions will.

Originally Posted by Lost_spirit
Also,some texts give emphasis on the planets in the 8th house for the cause of death,But I found many empty 8th houses in violent deaths and in some cases Jupiter or Venus posited in there(or both).And that's what I mean "adopted by many people".

I never paid much attention to that, and again the Sign is important. Being in the 8th House and being in the 8th Sign aren't always the same thing. I have Venus in Cancer in the 8th House, but Cancer is actually the 9th Sign, not the 8th Sign. By Sign (and by Whole Sign Houses) have Mercury and Sun in Gemini in the 8th House.

Also, you have to look at the Sign on the Ascendant. If it's Aries, then Scorpio rules the 8th or is the 8th Sign and if Mars is there, well, it's the same story with Venus and Jupiter when Libra is rising (making Taurus the 8th Sign) or Sagittarius is rising (making Pisces the 8th Sign).

Originally Posted by Lost_spirit
Now,I'm not sure what you mean about human signs involved in accidents.You're refferring to which placement in these signs?The houses involved,the triplicity ruler's placement,the malefics,what?I like to test what I learn,but I'm not sure what to test here.I have a few accidents in the charts I studied and Lilly's rules apply to them as well.


No, I use the Lot of Death, Ruler Lot of Death, Sect Triplicity Ruler 4th House and the 8th House Ruler and then string them together to tell a story. You can look at this chart.

This is a Night Chart, so Sun cannot be Hyleg. There are no Planets that have the required Dignity in the Moon, pre-Natal Full Moon (28 Cancer) or the Lot of Fortune. The Moon is in the 8th House and cannot be Hyleg, so it automatically falls to the Lot of Fortune, who isn't exactly up to the task.

Because the Hyleg (the Lot of Fortune) is in the 2nd Quardrant (Occidental -- the 7th, 8th and 9th Houses), we direct it to the Descendant.

Just eyeballing the chart, he's not going to live very long, because the Lot of Fortune is going to move very quickly to the Descendant. That's most unfortunate, because he was a great man, but his chart his problematic. He has Antares rising with the Ascendant, but that puts Aldebaran conjunct the Descendant, Moon conjunct Pollux, and Mars conjunct Arcturus (and those conjunctions are 10'-20' of arc).

Lot of Death is at 16 Scorpio. Scorpio is poisons of all kinds, including poison from burning plastics and wiring in the command module where he died (he and others died of smoke inhalation). Ruler Lot of Death is Mars (who is also the 4th House Sect Triplicity Ruler) in Libra, a Human and Violent Sign. Human negligence was involved here, and I suppose some would split hairs over whether or not death was violent, and personally I only see one Human Violent or Violent Sign involved here so I would characterize that as a sudden/frantic death rather than physically violent, and more of an accidental nature.

Many of the Persians would look at Saturn, which happens to be in Pisces and is an indicator of drowning or suffocation (as is Moon in Cancer especially with Moon debilitated by the South Node).

Getting back to life span, without doing all the freaking math, I just want you to how the rays of the Benefics and Malefics intervene. This isn't the actual math, but I just want you to get the gist of the idea.

So you direct the Lot of Fortune to the Descendant, and it's 34 away (again this isn't the actual math I'm using this for illustrative purposes) so that would be 34 years.

Jupiter (moving clock-wise) comes to trine the Descendant at 8 Libra and that's 44 years you would add to the life span. Then Venus (going clock-wise) comes to the trine of the Descendant at 8 Aquarius so you'd add 38 years. Now you subtract the Malefics. Mars comes to the square of the Descendant at 8 Virgo so that's minus 35 years and then Saturn comes to the opposition of the Descendant at 8 Sagittarius so that's minus 82 years and that would be the life span.

Again, you're actually using the Arcs of Direction not the actual degrees.

Looking at the chart, it really wouldn't matter if he was born an hour later or an hour or two earlier, he just didn't have that long to live, it just wasn't part of the plan.
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