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Smile Re: What is your Ascendant in your relocated chart and how does it influence you?

I was actually born in Fort Worth, Texas and my natal ascendant is in 6 degrees Virgo. I now live in Madison, Maine and my progressed ascendant is in 7 degrees Libra and I feel as though my ascendant has been modified a little bit. I still have Virgo Rising, but I put forth more effort into beauty(Libra)...Like wearing make-up and more feminine clothes with pretty colors!!! (Libra) When I was younger, I never wore make-up and wore t-shirts and jeans(Virgo)...Also, I am ALOT more social than I ever was before!!! (Libra) I used to be painfully shy and wouldn't speak around people that I didn't know!!! (Virgo)
My natal sun is in 21 degrees Pisces and has progressed into 15 degrees Aries...I am ALOT less sensitive (Pisces) than I used to be and I have SO MUCH MORE energy (Aries) than I ever had!!! It's like I can't ever sit still, lol!!!
I am just speaking from experience...I REALLY hope this helps!!!
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