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Re: Celibacy in traditional astrology

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Lostinstars, just one other add-on to the post I made yesterday: Saturn rules fear. Mercury does rule youth, yet not in the way you described sexuality. In Hellenistic mythology, orgies were ascribed to Dyonisus, not Mercury (Hermes.) Generally they did not portray the god Mercury/Hermes as hermaphroditic, but as male. I think this idea comes from a female prototype of Mercury in ancient Sumer and Babylon, a goddess called Nisaba or Nidaba, who ruled scribes as well as grain stores. Today, she has some vestiges of the old goddess in the constellation and sign of Virgo. Also, there are differences in the interpretation of the planet Mercury depending upon its location in the horoscope, such as whether it precedes or follows the sun.

Interestingly, although sun-Virgo people can be very earthy (I have two sun-Virgo children, BTW) Virgo traditionally is one of the "barren" signs. It stands to reason that a virgin would not produce offspring.

The esoteric meaning of Hermes was the psychopomp or conductor of souls.

A good source on mythological Mercury/Hermes is
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