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Re: Celibacy in traditional astrology

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
'....Before consulting an astrologer, always keep in mind the fact that
“the stars IMPEL, they DO NOT COMPEL”.
This means that the stars and planets produce influences
but DO NOT force us to follow those influences....'

interesting way to avoid acknowledging responsibility by blaming "the stars"

a natal chart must be read as a whole
taking one planet in isolation is generalising
generalisation is fun
but unreliable

I think we discussed this in another long heated discussion with others, I do not know who said it but clearly the person is wrong from my perspective as I strongly find stars compel all the time.

I'm trying to understand the underlying reasons for celibacy from traditional astrology's perspective, nothing about taking responsibility or not.
Atum replied ‘I will build the Zodiac, a secret mechanism in the stars linked to unerring and inevitable fate. The lives of men, from birth to final destruction, shall be controlled by the hidden workings of this mechanism.’
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