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Re: Celibacy in traditional astrology

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
I have all three of those factors, and I have not been celibate all my life--in fact, I've had a long term relationship that was very intensely sexual from start to finish--but I've had long periods of celibacy. Seems to be an all or nothing proposition for me.

I think Venus in particular is something to look at. I was once at an astrology lecture where the speaker said she'd found, based on her experience with clients, that if a client had a Venus-ruled seventh house, and their Venus turned retrograde by progression, they would not be in a romantic relationship (and apparently celibate) for the entire retrograde by progression period, which is about 42 years.

But that's possible only if your DC is in Taurus or Libra and Venus was direct when you were born but went retrograde within however many days after your birth equals however many years old you are now. People born during Venus retrograde are not affected that way, people who don't have a Venus-ruled seventh house won't see much if any effect on their love or sex life due to progressed Venus changes in direction, and if your progressed Venus is never retrograde in your lifetime, it's a moot point.

And I don't know if it's universally true. That one astrologer claimed it was, but that was based on her experience, which of course didn't cover everyone in the world.
Thanks for the interesting insight on Venus. I made the post just to discuss what could cause celibacy according to traditional astrology and as you have all three conditions I listed clearly I'm mistaken.
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