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Re: Was he an abuser?

I'm relatively new to astrology but I have a few thoughts

- sun/moon aspects are always a bit problematic. His chart has the conjunct and yours the opposite. I would say that the opposition is harder to handle here - could manifest that as a kind of intense fluctuation of moods
- Scorpio planets are always something questionable - the interest in taboo subjects, etc are indicated. But your chart only seems to have the one planet so it isn't that bad
- The Neptune conjunct Uranus in ascendant could make you sensitive, which narcissists usually are attracted to
- 12th house planets or aspects are also indicative - he has his north node there as well as Uranus and Neptune
- A heavy 8th house or relationship planets in the 8th is also indicative of anger/relationship problems. Having your Venus here and the north node here could tell you that abuse is something that will take you to your life's purpose
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