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Vertex on Composite Descendant - Meant to be?

This is something I've researched ,not thoroughly but as much my free time allows.

All of the star couples that broke up amd got back together have had vertex on composite dsc.

Mila and Ashton Kutcher met in their early youth but only got together till later age. They both were in different marriages and relationships until they reconnected by accident.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have that conjunction amd they too used to break up a lot. Will they end up together ? We are yet to see.

Pretty much all couples with this aspect would break up and get back together quote a few times before their official "ending up together".

My friend is such example.

I have two friendly couples who don't have that aspect but have vertex Conjunct ruler.of DSC or asc so that might be as significant.

And usually the Conjunction is pretty right. No more than 5 orb.

I've had this experience myself and it's true we never forget those people for better or worse. My parents have this. They broke up and got back together.

What's your experience and thoughts and observations on this aspect?
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