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Re: Pluto relationship questions

Originally Posted by PlutoLibScoAsc View Post
So, I have Pluto conjunct Asc in 1st house Libra. And he is a Pluto Libra generation. When this 2 person comes into close contact, I want to know if we will change each other strongly or may be nothing much on his side since pluto is a generational planet on his side? Or the one that change is the 1st person only aka me and nothing much will change on his part? I don't have his time of birth so I don't know where his pluto is situated but are you able to share some general or possible information of how it affects each other? Thanks in advance.
Okay so if this is generational, this does look like many people from that generation will affect you or trigger you in some way. I have pluto opposite moon and I have gotten brutally bullied by my generation, and I've had awful relationships with girlfriends.

If this man is an older man with his pluto on your asc AND he has other indicators that he would be attracted to you like sun-moon, asc-asc, moon-moon, venus-mars, venus-asc, etc and add in a little bit of nodes:
There's going to be powerplays. Pluto is like walking on eggshells. It's like you constantly don't know what to satisfy yourself in a relationship, and the more you give you feel like you're going to be proved a fool, but if you completely surrender, you're scared you'd be taken advantage of. Are you the selfish paranoid person or are you going to play the codependent fool?

Pluto relationships are interesting because they tend to happen when we are not ready for a relationship and we're somewhat of a hot mess in life. That person somehow or the other makes you feel insecure and they won't do it on purpose. And somehow or the other every day feels like you're surrendering parts of yourself for this person, it seems like your ego is dying and you're being humiliated and made a fool.

Pluto on the asc means all of the ugly stuff pluto is associated with has something to do with your appearance.

I have a family member's pluto on my asc. I remember when I was a little girl and someone made a rude comment about the way my appearance had changed. I sat there and brooded over it for some time. He was the first person to notice and sat next to me and asked me what was wrong. I don't know how relevent that is but I thought that was interesting.
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