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Re: Could anyone explain what a T-Square between sun, moon and mars entails?

The answer to your question is found in the quotation from Campion:

All of the factors in the formation must be taken separately and a picture built up from them.

Translate the parts into behaviors/events rather than using astrological terminology.

Mars is the apex planet, in "point focus" [quite a powerful position in a chart, at the focal point of many life crises]. The apex planet in any T-square is always very important in any chart.

Begin with Sun (conjunct Mercury, Sun's lord.)
In Gemini (Mutable, Air)
In the last degree of the sign
In the Ninth House all the conditions of the Sun within your capacity.
Same for Moon.
Then study the opposition taking into account sign and house.
This describes the source of tension.
Then study the conditioning of Mars, followed by his squares.

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