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Re: Supreme Loneliness

Dear ScorpAsc5,

I don't know how to do horary astrology, but even aside from the factors you mentioned, some people surprisingly have seasonal depression even in the springtime from the change in seasons.

Do you meditate, or is it something you could take up? To some extent it looks like it is your thoughts that are causing you harm. Maybe some meditation to abide without expectations in the One behind the scenes (whatever that is) will help you to detach from the distressing roil and mumble of your thoughts, which for anyone can act like deranged Photoshop filters between us and the world, so that you can brush aside their harmful influence and appreciate little things that are going on as well as things you might have taken for granted, such as existence itself in all its variety.

Something to consider is that there might be others in your circle of acquaintances who also believe no one really cares about them -- so maybe there are some opportunities for you to brighten someone else's life ...

Wishing you the best,
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