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Re: Supreme Loneliness

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
I'm sorry about how you are feeling, its normal for many people specially in a foreign country...

I think you are from India, isn't it? So look into joining indian community groups, they have get togethers, celebrations of festivals.... go to a temple.. Or join a pottery/writing class, hiking group, art class... even singing group. Actually joining a choir would be the best thing for you, I am in a gospel choir myself, and love singing... I'm not Christian but it doesn't matter, so do look into to joining a local choir, I do believe you will feel happy after each singing session. Any blues I feel is literally gone when I'm with my choir singing my heart out!

Mercury is rx, but will not be this way forever, so its a temporary thing. Moon is separating from a conjunction with SN, and this is one of the reasons for how you are feeling. Things will be alright, you just need to take steps towards change, so do get involved with the groups I mentioned. Forget about your old friends, make new ones...

all the best!
Thanks rafaella for writing to me and giving me nice suggestions. I will think about it.

But more than finding things to do, I have to re-built my willingness to do any of these options to kill the time.

I will try my best to feel better and optimistic.
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