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Re: Supreme Loneliness

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Your feelings are very common for people living in a foreign country. It's called culture shock.

I think your natal chart with transits and maybe progressions would be a better indicator of why you are feeling so down. Basically a horary chart "of the moment" shows some mood-destroying placements that may interact with your natal chart when you look at transits, but I can't say without seeing your natal chart. What you've described sounds like Saturn, but we'd have to look at your natal chart.

In this chart, you're symbolized by Mercury retrograde (2nd thoughts.) The moon is in Saturn-ruled Aquarius in your house of career, so possibly work has been too much of a focus lately.

When will the good times be back? When do you want them back? I would suggest you make a doctor's appointment for a simple physical exam, explaining that you "feel terrible and tired all the time." It may have a physical cause that could be picked up in a blood test.

If you suspect that there is really nothing physically wrong with you, then you will need to make the effort, even if it's one little step at a time, to make your days a little brighter. This might be something as simple as getting a facial and buying some flowers for your table. Or it might be signing up for a fitness class, or just getting out and walking on a local trail system. Listen to some inspiring music, or sign up for a human potential movement workshop.

The universe isn't something entirely external to ourselves. We create it from within, every day.

You can do this.
Its very difficult to sleep in the night. I really like to go out, sight seeing or try new cuisines. But I spent my last three months doing nothing. The feeling that no one wants me around, kills me every day.

I did get my medical checkup - my body is completely alright. Its my mind which I feel is going to a darker place where I feel worthless. I have never been so much depressed about my birthday coming in three weeks - I will be so alone. How will I kill my summer days when they are so long to pass.....

I did buy fresh flowers but lost interest eventually. I do work out when I am at work. When I go out to walk, I see people with someone walking next to them and I feel pity for myself.

I don't know what will I do to make myself feel better but it is dangerously alarming me every day that its not worth it.
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