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Supreme Loneliness

Since I returned to my work country from my home country in January, I am feeling utter depression and supreme loneliness.

I stopped talking to everyone I know except my team in office. I have not met any friend since months. Stopped talking to family occasionally.

I feel no interest in doing anything - traveling, going out, meeting new people, I don't want to date anyone, don't want to shop either.

I started living in a cocoon hiding from everyone feeling someone would miss me and talk but no one does and hence makes me feel useless.

How much I miss having friends , having fun and just visiting new places with them

There is whole summer coming now and I have nothing else to do than eat, sleep and work. I don't step out from my apartment once I enter in.

One reason being too much heart broken and other being too alone in a foreign country. I want to go back but my career will collapse.

When will good times be back? I feel terrible and tired all the time.
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