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Re: Critical degrees- 29 degree planets

The rising sign will embody the individual. I can vouch for that one, having a 29 deg asc. However, in this case, the ascendant has a co-ruler. That is the best way to understand the native/and analyse the chart. Its easiest to understand the native by factoring in the co-ruler and what its doing in the chart. Example; gemini 29 deg asc - mercury rules the chart, chart is co-ruled by moon.

Originally Posted by savanna View Post
How do most view the anaretic degrees on the ascendant? Since the ascendant can change in a manner of seconds, how can we be certain that rising sign embodies the individual? Without an extremely precise time of birth, the ascendant could be in the next sign.

I think in the case of the ascendant, it is important to look at the sign of the 29 deg. ascendant and the sign following it. Looks (outward appearance) are probably more deceiving with this placement, much more so than an anaretic degree planet.
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