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Re: Critical degrees- 29 degree planets

Originally Posted by sandrang123 View Post
I'm not sure these degree markers are "nothing like" each other, as the wheel is cyclical. Like the Fool and the World in tarot, these markers herald the cyclical nature of lifetimes. The late markers and beginning markers represent the beginning and end and blending of energies and worlds, whether those worlds and knowledge are accessible (to the rational, knowing, "grounded-in-this-lifetime") mind or not. Also, Pisces carries with it the embodiment of ALL the signs before it, or at least aspects of them. That's what makes Pisces universal in its's already learned the spiritual lessons of the signs before it--a journey beginning with Aries--and it brings that energy full circle, back to the next beginning.
In terms of aspects:

- Conjunctions share everything
- Squares share modality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable)
- Oppositions share gender and modality
- Trines share element / gender
- Sextiles share gender
- Inconjunctions (signs next to eachother or 150 degrees apart) share none of the above qualities. So technically they are the least like eachother than any other configuration and are said to be 'in aversion' to eachother.

As for Pisces, personally, I think someone embodying all signs equally within themselves would alchemically transcend astrological phenomena. And yet Pisces still behaves like any other of the 12 signs in that it forms normal aspects to the other signs and is subject to the same astrological laws as the others. A Pisces planet will always function more harmoniously in aspect with, for example, a Cancer or Taurus planet than a Leo or Libra planet etc.
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