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Re: Critical degrees- 29 degree planets

I also have planets at 29 degrees, and they are, to my knowledge considered "critical degrees." They also carry a lot of weight and karmic baggage and generally signify that you are loaded with the past life energies of the house and planet. As one astrologer put it to me, think of 29 degrees as being like, "My bags are all packed, I'm ready to go, but I still can't quite leave the house...but I NEED to leave, like now..."

I'm not sure if this indicates a certain feeling of tiredness and frustration associated with the degree marker...I've probably felt that way when considering my own 29 degree placements, but there is also a certain inherited wisdom there--I absolutely believe that. In my experience people with 29 degree markers tend to come into this life with a bizarre, sometimes often even inexplainable and innate understanding of certain things. So I have 29 degrees in Jupiter on my IC and have always been fascinated with religion and philosophy from a young, young age (though am not religious in this lifetime). I've even had many dreams where I was a missionary in a foreign country (bizarre past life experiences there). I have Pluto at 29 degrees conjunct my ascendant at zero degrees, and I have, from a very early age, been fascinated with issues of death and rebirth, occult, supernatural experiences, as well as other "hidden" things. I'm also told--so says my mom!--that from a very early age I was an intense little creature with an often probing stare. LOL!

At any rate, I would look to your chart and see where your 29 degree markers are, then ask yourself how you feel about those planetary energies and house energies and look at your life experience related to those themes brought up in both. How have these energies affected you thus far? Because surely they have.

Also useful if you care to look into it, is studying Sabian Symbols as point markers.

My two cents!
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