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Re: Repeated Love Pain

Hello again - because of the mutual kindness and understanding and empathy that transcends the material - the venus pisces partners can live at any station of life, income or way or way of life, and they will still never hurt the other whom they love or honor in ways that no one else might understand.

The best expression of Venus in Pisces is the exalted image of balance and two fish swimming in opposite directions. This is the balance point of an exalted Venus.

Venus is traditionally ruled by both Taurus & Libra. Taurus possesses what they value and Libra loves the beauty of getting along.

Venus in Pisces couples have a curse and blessing of selfless love of other. So, in the truest expression of Venus in Pisces - love pain occurs regardless - but it's all how your saturn and sun handle it - moon tells you how you react.

I have a venus jupiter saturn aspect - and I am lucky of this - moderation tempered with extremes - but never less than that.

The front end of a Venus in Pisces is knowing where the deception will occur - you will immediately love and not question the person without a thought or warning. So this is where a Sun-Moon and Saturn are very important in a Venus in Pisces' life.
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