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Re: Interceptions in Horary

Originally Posted by byjove View Post
I see.

I believe that in Vedic and Hellenic, whole signs were used generally speaking.

But anytime after ancient Greece, if a quadrent system was used, wouldn't the houses be interpreted as per the calculated houses, rather than the signs?

(I'm much less read on this than others here, but I thought the sign counting was just Greek ((and later Vedic)).

Yes I've always lived far from the equator (except for Italy) and this keeps coming up. I still haven't made a decision.

Usually the planets are smart and show you the relevant data regardless of your location (unless you are on artic/antartic coordinates). I think that if you are getting too many charts with too many intercepted houses, and unclear answers, its mostly because you are using horary a bit too much byjove

As Oddity mentioned, if this is a problem you can use whole signs. Any house system works to be honest. If you respect the planets, they will provide you with the answer.

But again, I think you've been using horary a bit too much the past few months
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