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Re: Read My Chart

I can say that the I really felt the partial lunar eclipse in October 2013. I felt it at least 3 days in advance. Weird stuff was aura/energy was very electrified. I blew out a couple of lights, and my microwave fan came on by itself when I walked by. I was seeing patterns of 1111's. I can only imagine what April will be like....

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For lunar eclipse, please remember there is different between New Moon and Full Moon eclipses, New Cycle vs End of Cycle as completion. The lunar eclipse on the 15 of April one. I think is Full Moon eclipse so is end of cycle, something to be completed. I myself is having second surgery that day so is a good sign.

Some article to direct your research on understanding Lunar Eclipse for the first testing of birth chart accuracy. And prediction will make more sense with the currently know situation. So ask yourself what has been going on in your life that is relevant to MC, by April it will be completed.
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