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That's interesting.... My gemini stellium and neptune/ my opinion contribute to lots of multitasking with people, data, things and neptune/venus contributes to lots of daydreaming. I have actually been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, but wasn't diagnosed until age 35. Never had a clue; I have a bachelors in psychology and a master's degree in social work. I will also finish a master's in special education later this year.

Of course, with neptune....lots of confusion...sometimes disorientation in terms of coordination and sense of direction. In terms of power struggles, I left my job of 10 years last fall. I had plans (only a few things accomplished) and have spent a lot of time studying astrology. I have been reading charts for free, and recently decided that I want to do this as a side business. However, I am learning through the forum that there is much more to learn and to work on.

I'm pretty friendly, but balancing the NN/SN has been challenging. I'm learning to not try to "start a war" every time I don't like something; trying to be more diplomatic. I am making changes as far as avoiding falling into patterns of deception in relationships, but find that I lose friends that way. With neptune in the 12, I have found that I attract drug dealers, drug addicts; I was a substance abuse counselor for three years. Also, my new job is working in a psychiatric hospital for adolescents/children.

I have added an additional chart.

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Thanks for your input. It is not surprising you might relate more to Gemini with that stellium there...this would serve to activate your Venus/Neptune though; care to elaborate on your experience of that? Uranus: unexpected changes in your direction in life; career upheavals and upsets; with Mars: potential power struggles with authorities/superiors; rebellious tendencies. This aspect is about personal adjustment and adaptation. Mars in Gemini is restless and often scattered in action, and with Uranus, is prone to irregularity in actions and motivation, that end up boomeranging back to you. You can be impractical or unstable in addressing your desires. So what might you need to change within yourself regarding how you act, which in turn creates undesirable reactions from others?

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