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Re: Read My Chart

I can't read this format of chart well. I would prefer to have orbs in approaching and separating orbs also PDF showing declinations like what they provided in Astrodienst.

Just some suggestions of what you may want to look at in further research of your chart.

Sun at the last degree of Cancer, by dignity Sun is Peregrine in Cancer. Ruler of the 8th house cusp also the 8th sign in Whole sign housing. Saturn and Mercury in Leo.

So the Weakness of the late dying degree of Cardinal Cancer Sun operating from 7th house will express it Peregrine manner in the 8th house with Saturn in Leo-Detriment (Your very own ascendant, 2nd house by traditional rulership your very own self image, health, vitality, fertility, fruitfulness, physical characters/feature, the Head, your mind your actual physical Brain; 2nd self possessions in material and non material, talents, values, ability to gain.

And Mercury in Leo-Peregrine (9th house Virgo your higher mind understanding, higher education, oversea, foreign connection in study or relationship, religions, faith, personal philosophy, 6th house, 6th sign, Mars-2 degrees again Peregrine in Gemini/Lilith/Venus-Term in Gemini and Jupiter-Fall in Gemini)

So Sun in Cancer ruled by<Moon within effective orb conjoined with Pluto both in Libra operating from Venus in Gemini-again Peregrine operating from the 6th house over North Node, Moon, Pluto, 10th, 4th and 5th.

Also look into nodal axis of North node in Libra 9th house 10th sign, and South node in Aries 3rd house 4th sign.

Your chart is best approaching from the foundation of looking into the Keywords such as Peregrine, meaning of Houses.

The deep personality is in the 4th IC, 8th and 12th. The external personality is in the AC, DC, MC.

Operation of your learning, understanding, logic, symbolic abstract understanding in the 3rd and 9th axis, Moon also rules intelligent also intuition, the other worldly intuition in the 12th also the Neptune along with the Pisces cusp and lesser in the 8th.

6th is the particular every day reality, along with 3rd house both home of signs ruled by Mercury. The ultimate comfort in physical body, physical world, mundane comfort/wealth, mundane standard of happiness and fulfillment can be seen from Part of fortune and condition of the Moon, her dignity, aspects, activities in the progressions, also her Nodes-North and South.
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