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Twins born 2 min apart but 25 minute difference in horoscope?

I have the data of two twins, whose names I will not reveal. They were a cesarian birth with a 2 minute time difference, but the ascendant has a difference of 25 minutes, the midheaven a difference of 30 minutes and the PoF a difference of 24 minutes. Why is that? This time is consistent on all of the major software programs.

So all you math majors out there, why is this the case? This should just be a minor shift in right ascension and nothing more. Is the software this off?

I have not done it by hand, which I probably should, just to see, but I believe that I would get the same degrees. My Janus program lines up exactly with my hand work, using the New American Ephemerides, every time.

Here are the birth times: 22 Dec. 1987 2:57 and 2:59 am, El Monte, CA.
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