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Re: Is he playing games?

Originally Posted by Lissa View Post
Honestly I don't find him's jsut the way we are playful with each other.It doesn't upset me.And a 'free' relationship is what I want...being close to him made me realise how much I miss having someone physically close.So I just want someone who I ca be with,when we both want to,no worries...he's the closest to it I've been.

Then here is your answer:
To add more into this...I have the very clear feeling he's playing me as he keeps teasing me,calling me ugly names like a child,and then complaining I'm the one who's always messing with him Last night we were texting and he said he doesn't want me to like him because we clearly aren't each other's types.I don't want a relationship with him I just want a friend for cuddles!Guess I'm not going anywhere with this

Guess there's no more stuff to discuss with me.

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