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Re: Is he playing games?

Originally Posted by virgo18 View Post
Most of the times, much males are not able to get direct when they are hanging out with a woman.
The fact that your friend treats you that way doesn't mean he's teasing you. He's actions are more clearer than he's words. You are seeing that the relationship is not advancing.

Those kind of relationships such as "Frees" or "open" never work or turn into something serious. If you aren't that type of woman who enjoys those relationships then move on, and ignore that immature and disrespectful guy.
Honestly I don't find him's jsut the way we are playful with each other.It doesn't upset me.And a 'free' relationship is what I want...being close to him made me realise how much I miss having someone physically close.So I just want someone who I ca be with,when we both want to,no worries...he's the closest to it I've been.
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